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Hosting your business with Google Apps for Work

Jun 15 2015

Today, most everyone has a Gmail account or has at least heard of it, but many people don’t realize that they can host THEIR business email with Google.  That’s right!  You can host your  domain name with the same ease of use, mail filters, plus all of Google’s Apps (Docs, Sheets, Slideshow, Calendar, Hangouts and Sites to name a few) to run your business.   With up to 30GB of storage per user, or unlimited storage for $150 per year, there is plenty of space to store documents, photos, videos and slides, websites and forms.   

Google Docs and Sheets read Microsoft Office files and allow you to save them in Word or Excel format (.doc or .xls).  What is eliminated by using Google, is the versioning that has always been contentious for Office users. Not being able to read documents or having to convert them before they could be read, that doesn’t happen with Google!

Hangouts is Google’s high def video conferencing app, for up to 15 participants.  It allows screen sharing, during presentations and can be viewed from any platform, pc, mobile or tablet! You may wonder if Hangouts is secure.  Of course it is! Hangouts is encrypted for security and there is no time limit on usage.  Because participants don’t have to have a Google Apps account to use Hangouts, you can communicate with any of your clients or team members, and cut travel time and meeting time significantly!

Many companies have intranets, or internal websites with company calendars, events, and important documents and announcements to disseminate information to employees and administrators.  Google Sites makes it easy to either create a public site, or limit access to only team members with a very powerful, easy to use editor!

There are so many great features in Google Business Apps, but to me, the collaborative feature in Google Business Apps, is the most important to productivity.  It allows each user to share documents, presentations, etc,  so that members of your workgroup (or outside if you invite them) can work on the shared project as a team!  For instance, I was recently working with a friend who handed me a thumb drive with a spreadsheet on it.  I almost laughed!  I rarely use thumb drives anymore for anything other than portable scanning programs for antivirus and malware.  Now, there are a couple of ways we could overcome this.  We could network shared drives or we could just use Google Business Apps.  I uploaded the spreadsheet, saved it to my Google Drive, opened it in Sheets, modified it, shared it with her gmail address, and we were already on our way to finished.  Now, when she needs help, I just login to my email account and open Google Drive.  It simplified my life and now it simplifies hers!

We have been hosting our company email with Google since 2011 and depend almost solely, on Business Apps for our internal documentation, scheduling, planning, etc.  If you want to explore the benefits of Google Business Apps, follow this link .

As always, if you need help with migration to Google Business Apps, call us!