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Hospitality WiFi – Hotels, Resorts, Timeshares, RV Parks

We understand how important your guests are and treat them as our own. Our WiFi solutions are fully managed and delivered as a full service to your property or place of business so you can focus on servicing your guests, not your technology.

Your guests bring their Tablets, Smart Phones, game consoles and laptops. Before they get settled in, most of them hit the WiFi immediately. They power up their laptops to check their email. They set up their video games for the kids and they watch Netflix on their own devices. Surveys have revealed that the first thing 25% of travelers’ do upon entering their rooms is log into the internet. This helps them feel connected to their friends, family and the world. A full 83% of these travelers said that using the property’s WiFi was the most important factor to their happiness when traveling away from home. Your guests have clearly spoken.

Guests demand WiFi that is fast, reliable and as affordable as possible. After all, this is their home away from home so they expect the Wi-Fi to be dependable when they stay with you. On a typical night even a small property can be brought to its knees when there are 3-4 devices per room competing for your precious Internet bandwidth. WiFi Is no longer simply a “nice to have” amenity, it’s a requirement.

It no doubt makes you shudder at the prospect of having to invest more money into computer technology, especially when you’re going to give it away for free. You may have even been footing the bill all of these years without knowing there were ways to make it free to your property or, even better, profitable! Now is the time to focus on the possibilities rather than the cost.

With over 15 years of WiFi experience, Florida PC is an expert of WiFi solutions. Our solution provides reliable WiFi solutions for a low monthly rate. 

WiFi Services

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