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Residential Naples Computer Repair

We'll gladly visit your home or home-based business to fix your computers, network, and answer your technology questions. 

  • Has your computer suddenly slowed down? 
  • Do you have a virus?
  • Want to go wireless?
  • Are your computers and printers talking to each other?
  • When was the last time you backed up your data?
  • Have you lost data and need to recover it as soon as possible?
  • Would you like more than one computer to share an Internet connection?
  • Is your wireless connection as reliable as you'd like?
  • Is it time to buy a new computer, or can you get another year out of the one you have?
  • Would you like help selecting and setting up your new computer?

Florida PC is based in Naples Florida and family owned since 1995. We are not a franchise, nor are we associated with product-pushing big box retailers. We are friendly, local desktop and laptop computer repair professionals.

We are here to provide local personal computer repair. We will provide you with excellent customer service from the moment we meet to the time your repair is complete. We will work for your continued business by providing you with superior turn around times, excellent communication, and a complete computer repair so you don't have to frequently return. Unlike the big chains, you'll know who is working on your computer and that it's not someone trying to fill a quota.