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About Us

Local service and Support

Since 1995, Florida PC has been providing Collier County with PC and network services, as well as hardware sales, replacement and support! We provide services in our store or your home, at your convenience.

Florida PC opened in August of 1995, a busy year, with a new baby and a business in the same month... actually the same week! Two friends hit the ground running and made it all work, and while one would eventually go his own way, the other stuck with it and grew it to what it is today. And it is still evolving, with technological changes occurring everyday. For instance, in the year 2000, a new wireless division of the company was formed. This part of the company evolved after repeated visits to a remote location of the county yielded poor internet service for gaming. Yes. We are gamers, web developers, programmers, hardware nuts, Facebookers, Instagrammers, Android and Iphone users... technology is our life and we expect to have a connection with it everywhere, even in remote fishing villages (and on swampbuggies on the prairie). So, one call to the phone company and we owned our very first T-1 line to resell via specialized wireless equipment. Since that first year of wireless, we have expanded to cover a 13 mile radius, built and installed networks in multiple high rises, marinas, luxury RV resorts, schools, restaurants, hotels and yes, even residences. We offer remote monitored services in many of our high rises and luxury RV resorts.

Having spent our whole lives in this community, we have a sincere duty to the people in this area to maintain the highest integrity, lest we be chastised by our mothers in true southern fashion... but mostly because that is just who we are. We aren't going to sell you something we don't believe that you need, and will always weigh out repair versus replacement for you. We do not charge to tell you what is wrong with your computer and our repair turn around time is typically 24 hours (though it may take a little longer sometimes if you [or your brother-in-law] have seriously messed up your computer!)

At Florida PC you'll be treated like a friend, and if you come back more than once, you probably will be a friend. We are dog friendly so you may often see several of our dogs at work and sometimes even our kids, so feel free to bring yours! Also, we can usually talk our customer service girl into making a mean cup of coffee and if we can't, maybe you can!